How We Work

The key to a successful relationship is a mutual understanding of expectations. We have therefore developed a service blueprint which guides every customer order, from inception to completion, insuring everyone is always on the same page:

Kicking Off The Creative Process

Customers who know what they want and when they want it can proceed to Placing An Order. More often, however, our customers have a promotional problem in search of a creative solution. Our account team will brainstorm with the client to identify their primary marketing objective and target audience.

First Check Point!

Within one business day of the first meeting, we will provide a concept document of promotional products that will include a thorough description of each recommendation, its image and our perspective on the product. If we haven't hit the ball out of the park, we go back to the The Creative Process. Otherwise, time permitting, we will attempt to provide you with a sample of the product before moving forward with Placing An Order.

Placing An Order

All promotional products have a common set of requirements which are necessary to determine accurate pricing and production milestones. Typically, the following product criteria are required in order to prepare an estimate:

•  Quantity Desired
•  Critical in Hands Date
•  Imprint:
     • 1 Color
     • 2 Color
     • 3 Color
     • 4 Color
     • Four Color Process
     • Embroidery
     • Laser Engraving

Time permitting, we can provide samples of products to give you the truest sense of quality, texture and appearance. As soon as the promotional product has been selected, we have reached the next check point.

Second Check Point!

Once the order has been entered into our system, you will receive an acknowledgement stating all of your order details, the production timeline and payment terms. The acknowledgement must be signed and either emailed or faxed back to our office so that a purchase order may be issued.

Creating A Proof

In the event that your promotional item does not require a proof, your order will move directly to Production. In most cases, however, your Account Manager will work with you to obtain artwork required to develop a proof of the promotional concept.

Final Check Point!

Prior to starting production, you will be provided with an electronic proof, which is essentially a mock-up of the promotional product with your artwork. If corrections are required, another proof will be ordered, and the process repeated until such time as you are 100% satisfied. After we have received your signed approval of the proof, the manufacturing company will receive the go ahead to start production.


Put your feet up and relax... we're doing all the heavy lifting. Our representatives continually monitor the production process to verify we are on track, quality standards are achieved, and that your product ships on-time.

Shipping Notification & Tracking

Within one business day of shipment, we will provide you with shipping and tracking information so that you'll know, exactly what we know, when we know it.